Smart technology that let’s you create a difference in your life.

Audio Visual

We design solutions that provide entertainment in every room of the home. High quality multi-room audio gives access to an almost unlimited source of music from on-line services, as well as access to you own personal library. High Definition and 4K video provides the ultimate viewing experience.

Intelligent Lighting

In every room in your home has its own style, its own decor, and its own distinctive personality.Yet to bring out the individual beauty of each of those rooms, they need their own unique lighting.

Lighting that can dim to create a softer mood or to liven things up. In fact, the type of lighting you create in a room can virtually redecorate it, giving you and your guests a whole new way to see your home.

CCTV & Security

It is so important to secure your premises, but it must be properly thought out in regards to where you install your security system. But with planning and design we can make a difference in how you go about this. With biometric data (such as a retina scan) and video monitoring we can provide this to our clients so you can have piece of mind and know that your family are safe and secure.

We also think that when your premises is vacant it is at its most vulnerable. That’s why we make it simple for you to log-in from your smart phone and make sure everything is as it should be.


The data network is now one of if not the most essential elements to any project, it’s essential to have a robust, secure, fast, reliable data network. Nearly all smart home devices rely on the data network for their operation and media and entertainment devices require the ability to browse the internet, play games, and watch and listen to music.


A good control system is vital to ensure every piece of equipment communicates and functions as it should, and doesn’t cause confusion to the user. This is why we install intuitive touch displays with simple tactile buttons.

The control system only interprets how it is programmed and is why we make sure our programmers are proficiently trained to cope with the demands of our clients. By combining all the equipment with pre-programming sequences it can dim the lights, close the curtains, drop down the screen and select a movie from the touch of one button. By doing this it ensures the ultimate user experience.

Window Treatments

Curtains and blinds are inessential part of a property. But why not have them automated so that they can control your drapes and blinds? There are many ways to you can do this, for example you can open the curtains or shut the blinds for more privacy which is all controlled by the control system. Or we can provide devices that can open the curtains at say 7am and close them at 11pm for example. We can also control over speech via communication devices. For instance you can say “open curtains” and the curtains respond to the command via your voice. With Pro integration we can tell you what is required for your home or office.

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